Serenity Midwifery

My Philosophy…

I believe that women deserve a safe place to enjoy and thrive in their pregnancies, to experience welcoming their baby into their world, and to relax into motherhood. I serve women in this pursuit by working with them to meet their needs while maintaining safety standards to ensure high-level quality care. To this end I only accept a limited number of monthly clients. This allows me to spend up to an hour building relationships at each appointment and to be available as needed for clients to contact. I strive for respectful care that is holistic in practice and unique to each individual and their desires and needs. I place importance on educating each client in order for her to make the decisions she needs to in order to birth and parent in her own way. 


Having lived and traveled to many international places I especially love learning and working with a variety of cultures and lifestyles. I am always excited to learn, should a situation present itself, and hire translation assistants as needed. I am also willing to travel for births, including internationally.


Let's Get Friendly…


I remember being in third grade when I learned about birth - we watched a cow being born. When I ran home and excitedly told my mom, she was very upset she wasn't informed and didn't get to introduce me to birth herself - understandable since she was a labor and delivery nurse! Growing up it was common to see birth video's on our living room tv - embarrassingly so in high school when friends visited! We moved to Australia my senior year of high school and my mom became a midwife with their detailed program. Somehow, out of all three of us siblings, I was the one most interested in the medical discussions and birth processes. I didn't think I could be involved in the birth community until I had a child of my own (a large misconception on my part) so I pursued a degree in Biology with a Bach. of Science and did various other things... until...

I became pregnant in 2011. I then took classes to become a birth doula and attended several births in this capacity, however, I knew my true passion was becoming a midwife. I began the Association of Texas Midwives educational program to become a midwife in 2012 and am very grateful to have had tremendous support along this path!


I have been lucky to benefit from several apprenticeships with midwives who practice different forms of midwifery - from home birth midwives, to birth center midwives, to more "natural" midwifery to more medicalized midwifery. I currently assist several midwives in East Texas and DFW areas. 


My partner, Derron (a musician) and I enjoy sharing various forms of music, traveling, new cultures, museums and adventures with our growing family. We are both bibliophiles which makes moving a chore. Besides mothering and homeschooling our son and daughter, I love artistic pursuits, such as painting, knitting, sewing and crafting. I've played the piano since I was 5 and you can often find us enjoying some of the musical events around town such as Open Classical Mic and Derron's world band, The Obscure Dignitaries (links below). I like yoga, bellydancing and hoop dancing and am always talking friends into playing one of our many board games such as Catan, Splendor, Tiny Epic Quest and Ex Libris. 

I look for the joy in everyday moments and love meeting clients that become cherished friends. Appreciating every persons uniqueness and talents enriches the day-to-day moments and is something that is important to me.